About us
The foundation of Rent-a-Hacker was a real break through in the world of IT Security.

Firstly Andrew Gecse who back then was already a  professional hacker,- have decided that he is going to take part in securing the IT sector which in terms of Security was still in its infancy.

Our focus primarly covers the Security Testing of Web, Infrastructure, mobile and WiFi areas.

We also develop softwares for various platfoms.Our Tech experts can advise you on exactly what you need, we can resolve your technical problems or fix and upgrade your vulnerable systems.Since 2007 we have been there for many businesses,banks,financial institutions,telecom and media.

Our References covers all sectors of the IT world.

Products made by us goes through several types of rigorous testing thereby making sure that no exploitable vulnerabilites exists in the softwares produced by us.

Give us a call today and we will provide honest techno-bubble free solutions at an affordable price.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

25 years experience