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Over 30,000 businesses are hacked every day. That is virtually 11 million businesses a year under attack.

We founded Rent-a-Hacker to protect businesses from criminals out to disrupt, steal from, and destroy your company.

Our team of ethical hackers (white hats) are equipped to defeat the unethical hackers (black hats).

We stand ready to protect your business from intrusion, theft, and potential destruction.


What we do:

  • 1.Ethical Hacking This service focuses on the network layer, the layer of the internet which connects you to others. Criminals relentlessly attack these networks. They either find networks with outdated services or creating create codes that exploit the network, giving them full control of the information passing through your system.
  • 2.Web Application Penetration Testing Evaluating the security of a web application. We analyze your applications for any vulnerabilities. If we find a flaw in your application, we provide you with an appraisal of the potential danger of the vulnerability and a solution for how to fix the problem.
  • 3.WiFi Audit. Wireless networks  (WiFi) are extremely popular. Nevertheless, designing a secure WiFi network is neither an easy nor trivial task. We audit WiFi networks to ensure that the convenience of this technology does not come at the expense of security to your business.

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