Whenever this nowadays trendy buzzword comes up like social engineering we think about someone who kindly trying to persuade us to give out our passwords.. But we are smart aren't we? We will not give out our password so this social engineering is not that important after all you may jump over this topic.Is this what you really think?

In fact, social engineering several times the most attractive way to an attacker to intrude to a highly secured network.The level of sophistication depending on several factor,- knowledge,skill-set but more likely determination what an attacker can posses.

Some of the present days most famous hackers were not in fact hackers but more like con artist who could come up with some nice story why and how he needs to get access to the network and why it is inevitable to him to access to a valid password.Nowadays the story is a bit different.

Who has became a victim to advanced Social Engineering?
Almost everybody who had been targeted.
Only a tiny mistake is enough to a skilled attacker. A click on a link which seemingly (should) be directed to domain which we know,- the letter came from our friend ,- so we can trust in that ,can we?

No firewall, no anti-virus solutions nor any sort of patching would defend us if we are the ones who are initiating the connection to the outside world.So do you know after all,on what you are clicking at?



Social Engineering

Don't be a puppet held by the strings of criminals.


Social engineering is essentially a con game. Criminals rely on interacting with you to gain information that will help them gain access to your IT system and, therefore, your business.

Appeals to vanity, greed, and authority are often the tools of these con artists. Promise are made that sound too good to be true. Because they are. These con artists also appeal to people's willingness to be helpful. For example, they may impersonate a colleague with an urgent problem that requires access to network resources.

We stand ready to provide you with penetration testing to find users susceptible to these attacks. We also help you identify which of your employees require training. Security training can make all the difference in preventing social engineering attacks.

We understand the techniques that criminals use to gain your trust. Let us prepare you and your staff from falling victim to these con artists, criminals who are professionals at exploiting human psychology in order to exploit weaknesses in your business.